“We wanted to go back to the start – we were focused on the dirt.”

Many countries in the world have failed to enforce fair labor standards. Factories and Farms present themselves as ethical and law-abiding, but in reality forced and child labor is extensive.

Not just USA made, Carolina made!

It’s easy for us to keep tabs on our suppliers – they’re our neighbors. It would be totally hypocritical for us to sell apparel that is supposed to praise Jesus Christ when it came from parts of the world where there is injustice against those growing the cotton and making the garment. That just wouldn’t be right.

95.6% Carbon footprint reduction!

From dirt-to-shirt in 750 miles. The typical t-shirt travels 17,000 miles from dirt-to-shirt. Being Christlike in our business practices means we must be good stewards of His Earth. Do you agree? Amen.

You Shop. We Give.

We have chosen several charities that support local, regional, national, and global efforts. Some you may know, some you may not. The important part to remember is that you can help many with your purchase. We donate a minimum of 5% of our proceeds to these charities. Help us by referring your friends and family so we can give more. 

Printed and Dyed with REHANCE

REHANCE offers a superior quality print that’s in the fabric, not on the fabric. Your shirt is more environmentally safe, prints will not crack, fade, or peel over time, and are more breathably soft.

REHANCE is a water-based print technology that is more environmentally safe than using plastic inks. Prints made with REHANCE become part of the fabric, meaning you can’t tell the design is there unless you’re looking at it! The feel of the shirt is divine.

So what you get is a superior quality print using REHANCE which is much more environmentally-friendly than traditional screenprinting inks used by other Christian apparel companies.

Plastisol is the ink of choice for most screenprinters. This ink creates a plastic coating that will cover your shirt fabric with a sticky design that will crack and peel over time, and feels scratchy, stinks, and will make you sweat. What a sin.

In addition, most plastisol inks contain PVC (which emits dioxins during manufacture and disposal) and phthalates (which cause negative health effects). That’s a sin too.

We have the most transparent supply chain!

Other Christian t-shirt companies won’t tell you or can’t tell where the cotton for their t-shirts was grown. We can. They can’t or won’t tell you where the cotton was ginned, spun, knitted, cut, or sewn. We can. They can’t or won’t tell you about platisol inks versus REHANCE. We can. Other Christian t-shirt companies can’t sell you a product that is less harmful to His earth and His children. We can.

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