One True King Apparel began to fulfill His Mission:

create an apparel brand that is a steward of His planet, prevent the exploitation of His children, create disciples for Him, and take care of others as He did.

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its carolina made


We want you to see Him in our products and practices

Simply put, we thrive on making One True King Apparel the most Christlike Christian apparel brand on the market.

Up until a few decades ago most of the apparel worn in the USA was made in the USA with cotton grown here in the USA. With the enactment of the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), we now have only 2% of the apparel worn in the USA being made here. And much of that is made with imported cotton that was harvested with forced and child labor from developing countries with little regard for their fellow man. It is common to hear of beatings and raping of women in the cotton and apparel manufacturing industry in developing countries.

In addition to these atrocities, the USA apparel industry suffered severe job losses as a result and many once stable communities were devastated by the loss of income that has never returned. You must know that the weak cannot help the weak. We can build our local industries again and make a global impact…for good…in His name. But not forsake the environment either. We can do it better this time. You know about farm-to-table. It’s time for you to start thinking about farm-to-closet.

To take care of others, the planet and give praise to Jesus Christ.
Beyond our faith, we believe there is a better way to manufacture Christian apparel. We want to rise above our competition and not sell products that are made in countries where His children are among the working oppressed. We believe you must strengthen locally to positively impact globally.
We promise to correct our mistakes to the best of our ability and create a customer experience you would expect from a Christian-based organization.
We intentionally conserve resources. What that means is that we will only produce what you want. So your feedback is needed and we want your ideas. Thank you in advance for sharing.


Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Apparel by 95.6%

  • The cotton for your tshirt is grown in North Carolina
  • The cotton is ginned, spun, and knitted here
  • The fabric is cleaned, stabilized, and softened
  • The fabric gets cut into the components to make a garment
  • It is sewn into a t-shirt, printed, and dyed
  • It is then sold to you and we use a percentage of our profits to support local, national , and global charities

one true king grown made sold here

Your Farmer

Have you ever been able to track your garment all the way back to your farmer? With us you can!